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Hiki. active is timeless yet sustainable sportswear for men and women. Through an energetic design and the use of sustainable materials, the brand caters to an increasingly humanitarian audience. Without sacrificing style and comfort, Hiki. active offers a product that removes the environmental concerns and worry from purchasing decision, by replacing it with positivity for the consumer to feel proud of their high quality workout clothing. When wearing Hiki. active our costumers can feel double as powerful when lifting weights, running in the forest or when doing yoga: they are taking care of themselves and the planet.


Vision: “The most sustainable sportswear brand in the world” 

By providing our costumers high quality sportswear with positive impact on the planet and people. By being a solution for our costumers to take care of the planet while taking care of themselves. By having a positive impact on the planets ecosystem and to the people who create Hiki. active clothes.

Mission: “To be an industry example and help change apparel industry (fashion, sports and other) to a sustainable industry.’’ By creating products that add value to peoples life: our seamstress lives and to our costumers lives. By giving back to nature and being a positive force in fight against global crisis. By bringing sustainable solutions to people.

Step 1 :   Brainstorm

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Step 2 :   Design

color palette

horizontal logo

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expanded logo

Extra logo Recoletta option 2 Transparen

Step 3 :   Refine

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