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Simply Stemless sells creative and unique wine glasses and wine accessories. She stems, no pun intended, from the founders love for wine and fun.

One night years ago, I was having a tough time at work. I texted a few friends venting. I told them I wish they could come over with wine and chat. To my surprise, they all said yes. Each one brought over a glass of wine, we ordered pizza, and we chatted and laughed until after midnight.


Now, one Friday night each month, I host what has come to be known as ‘Friday Night Wine Down’. A few of my closest friends come over after work, each brining a bottle of wine. We eat, drink, laugh, let off some steam, and enjoy each other’s company after a long an often time exhausting work week. So grab some wine, some friends, and your favorite wine glass and host your own ‘Friday Night Wine Down.’ You won’t regret it.

Step 1     Brainstorm

Mood Board Concept 2 .png

Step 2     Design

color palette

Bourgondy Red

Rose Pink

Bright Pink

font palette

Hello Paris Script

Purple Grey

Silver Grey

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alternative logo

Hello Paris Script

Goldenbook Bold

Goldenbook Regular

Gill Sans Light

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Shopify website

Step 3    Refine


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business cards

Email Signature Silver.png
Email Signature Rose.png

email signature

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Social media icons concept 1 .png

social media icons

So, are you ready to REALLY stand out from the crowd and get seen as the expert so you can have dream clients knocking on your door dying to work with YOU!

How about we create an irresistible + unique brand that grabs your ideal clients’ attention? 

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